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Filter Presses

There are numerous different configurations of filter presses dependent on the requirement of the end product. Below are a few of the filter presses that SLFC (Pty) Ltd are able to offer.

Program Controlled Automatic Recessed Filter Press

This Filter press can carry out a number of operations such as, Filter plate pressing, liquid collector plate opening and closing, plate release, plate opening and closing, cloth washing.

The Filter press is supplied with a PLC Controller which is programmed to carry the numerous steps of the Filter press cycle.

The PLC controls the filter press from the moment the Hydraulic cylinder begins to close the filter pres by pushing all the filter plates up against each other, once the desired programmed Hydraulic pressure is reached the PLC instructs the feed pump to begin the filtration process by filling the filter press with sludge. The filtering process then begins.

This type of press can be used in many industries where fairly high solids content is present.

This Filter press is a compact structure, stable performance, efficiency and economy are a huge advantage.

The rapid unloading system can increase the speed of cake discharging efficiency by 3 to 6 times normal rate. Especially for the large quantity of filter plates on a larger press. We are able to offer a filter volume of anything from 460 l to 20000l.

Open Filter Press

This filter press is designed to increase the discharge time of the cake, the filter press is designed in such a way to allow all the filter plates to be moved at the same time, with the assistance of a vibrator which assist the cake to dislodge from the plates.  This device has limitation in that we only offer with a maximum of 30 plates.

Round Filter Plate Filter Press

This particular Filter press is mainly supplied when waste water, ceramic and building material industries. It is a high pressure low water content filter presses. As the name suggests all the filter plates are round.

Manual Jack Filter Press

The press is supplied with a manual jack to close the press and apply pressure on the filter plates. Pumping of product is achieved using air driven pump. Theses presses can be supplied from 1 – 40m².

Cast Iron Filter Press

This press as the name implies is manufactured from high duty cast iron. Designed to operate with product at high temperature. Filter plates are also in Cast iron. Commonly used in Solid-liquid separation in the Petro-chemical as well as oil and ceramics industries.. Chamber volume can be anything from 13 l- 96 l.

Spares Supply

  • All filter spares for Pressure leaf, Vacuum and Filter presses
  • Filter Cloth - Dry and Wet applications
  • Sight Flow Glasses / Flow Indicators
  • Sight Glass Fittings
  • Inline Strainers
  • Steam Traps

Repair and re-screen

  • Local Refurbishment of Filter Leaf
  • Repair and rescreening of all types of pressure filter leaf (vibration screens etc.) with different kind os filter screen ie. PZ80 316/904 stainless steel, KPZ55 24x100/60 mesh etc. (different micron sizes as per client requirements)

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