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Laboratory Work

Our Laboratory is set up in such a way to allow us to test most samples to ensure the Filtration technology we recommend is the most efficient as well as cost effective method. When carrying out the tests, we will be able determine which methods of filtration would be best to achieve the best filtration result required based on the process parameters supplied by the client.

The Majority of our Laboratory Test equipment is manufactured from Exotic materials or coatings such as Halar which allows us to carry tests out filtration tests on most Chemical Solutions.

From the filtration results we are able to scale up to production plant and allow for the filtration selection methodology to be made with confidence.

We also carry out on site test work with our lab filter equipment where filtration cannot be carried out in our Laboratory due to the Danger of the Filtered material or its value.

SLFC offer larger skid mounted filtration equipment which can be used on site in a production environment to ensure the Filtration methods chosen do in fact achieve the desired results. These skid mounted units can be delivered to site on a rental agreement.

Laboratory Test Work Photos

Spares Supply

  • All filter spares for Pressure leaf, Vacuum and Filter presses
  • Filter Cloth - Dry and Wet applications
  • Sight Flow Glasses / Flow Indicators
  • Sight Glass Fittings
  • Inline Strainers
  • Steam Traps

Repair and re-screen

  • Local Refurbishment of Filter Leaf
  • Repair and rescreening of all types of pressure filter leaf (vibration screens etc.) with different kind os filter screen ie. PZ80 316/904 stainless steel, KPZ55 24x100/60 mesh etc. (different micron sizes as per client requirements)

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