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Pulse Tube Filter( Reverse Flow Filter

As a single or polishing tube filter, it is especially suited to applications involving high filtration speeds, combined with low solid concentrations. Reverse flow filters, are used for both wet and dry cake removal and even as a continuous thickener. The filters are exceptionally versatile and are available with filtration surfaces up to approximately 100m². Reverse flow filters clean with a pulse rather than removal of a bag, thus making the reverse flow filter an extremely cost effective measure where filter bag replacement is very high.

Spares Supply

  • All filter spares for Pressure leaf, Vacuum and Filter presses
  • Filter Cloth - Dry and Wet applications
  • Sight Flow Glasses / Flow Indicators
  • Sight Glass Fittings
  • Inline Strainers
  • Steam Traps

Repair and re-screen

  • Local Refurbishment of Filter Leaf
  • Repair and rescreening of all types of pressure filter leaf (vibration screens etc.) with different kind os filter screen ie. PZ80 316/904 stainless steel, KPZ55 24x100/60 mesh etc. (different micron sizes as per client requirements)

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