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Horizontal Retractable Bundle Filter

Designed with various applications in mind, this horizontal retractable bundle filter is extremely popular both locally and internationally.

The filter elements unique shape, result in a large filtration area. Made from stainless steel, the filter elements are double sided and have five layers of stainless steel wire screens, all individually mounted on a central manifold.  The top layer of wire screen being dependant on client’s application required. All filter leaf are easily accessible and can be removed without exertion.

Filter cake can be dried with compressed air, inert gas or steam. Upon opening the filter where the filter lea move outside the filter tank with an electric / hydraulic system, cake discharge can be easily monitored.

This system can be fully automated, with a regeneration time between filtration cycles being rapid. Maintenance is minimal and it is an economical filtration system.

Horizontal Retractable Shell Filter

A stainless steel horizontal tank filter, with vertical leaf mounted on a central outlet manifold, complete with safety valve and hydraulic bayonet closure.

The swing bolted door used on the wet cake discharge model, can be equipped with an effective automated bayonet closure. (Operated by a hand/electro hydraulic pack).

This filter can be used in a so-called tandem system whereby two filters are on one frame. For dry cake discharge, models are equipped with one or more pneumatic vibrators. For wet cake discharge, the filter requires no opening as a pneumatic oscillator ensures 100% cleaning by means of spray jets mounted in an overhead sluice header.

Single and tandem units as described above are available.

Spares Supply

  • All filter spares for Pressure leaf, Vacuum and Filter presses
  • Filter Cloth - Dry and Wet applications
  • Sight Flow Glasses / Flow Indicators
  • Sight Glass Fittings
  • Inline Strainers
  • Steam Traps

Repair and re-screen

  • Local Refurbishment of Filter Leaf
  • Repair and rescreening of all types of pressure filter leaf (vibration screens etc.) with different kind os filter screen ie. PZ80 316/904 stainless steel, KPZ55 24x100/60 mesh etc. (different micron sizes as per client requirements)

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